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3 Ways You Can Shoot Your Career in the Foot with Social Media

By on July 6, 2015
3 ways to shoot your career in the foot with social media

When talking about ways to ruin your career chances on social media, the first thing that comes to mind is the situation when potential recruiters are doing a check on your Instagram or Facebook and find some pictures of drunk and lewd behaviour from your college days, thus subsequently rejecting your application. It doesn’t even have to be your picture, someone could just “tag” you in one of their pictures, and – voila! – your reputation is in the garbage. While this is the most obvious mistake, there are at least three other ways that social media can send your career in a downward spiral — even if you make an effort of keeping your privacy settings “ON”:

1. There’s no such thing as “free speech”

Be careful of what you say online, even if you think only your friends will see it. There are now many cases where people posted inappropriate remarks about their new jobs right after the interview, only to get their job offer pulled even before reporting to their first day of work. But sometimes it doesn’t even have to be these ridiculously obvious actions to jeopardize your career. Being vocal and expressing radical opinions on hot controversial social issues on social media might also cost you your job. One of the recent examples includes a young Canadian pianist who lost her performing contract over her Twitter remarks about a conflict in Eastern Europe. So even if you comment on an article on some news site, retweet somebody’s mean tweet, or like a controversial post, you could still damage your reputation.

2. Mixing Business and Pleasure

Another way to shoot yourself in the foot, is, believe it or not, on LinkedIn. If you don’t treat it as a business networking site for professionals, and act as if it’s just another social network, by posting non-business related materials, or inviting people to play CandyCrush, you simply will not be taken seriously by anyone who comes upon your profile. You must always act professionally on LinkedIn and ensure your profile is optimized for viewing by potential employers and business contacts.

3. Thinking Your Private Life is Private

Even your offline behaviour can ruin your career, if social media picks up wind of it and makes it go viral. Another Canadian employee has lost his highly paying job, after saying inappropriate things to a news reported on live TV. Vigilant social media users have tracked down and identified this person, raising an angry storm of comments, which forced his employers to take action the very next day.


There are many ways that something you do can make you regret it later. The best advice to avoid this, is to simply  act professionally at all times, offline and online. There’s no other way.

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