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8 Ways Mentors Can Accelerate Your Job Search

By on June 23, 2015

When you’re searching for a new job, everything in front of you can appear daunting. You are deciding where you are going to start, where you are going to look and how you will approach this.

The overwhelming stress and pain of this phase can be relieved by finding a mentor to give you guidance and help you accomplish your goals, often faster and with less effort. Learning from a successful mentor can significantly improve your professional capabilities and give you confidence better than any literature or advice from peers and friends.

Here are 8 major benefits of having a mentor in today’s infinitely competitive job market:

1. Mentors will help you Avoid mistakes

From strategic decision-making to tactical questions. “Should I go into this industry?” “Is it time to take an MBA?” Trying to find out the answers on your own means taking risks that you may not be prepared for.

Having a mentor, who is a seasoned veteran in their area of work and study, to discuss your major career decisions gets you the unique opportunity to talk to someone that won’t simply say what you want to hear (like your friends and family could sometimes do), but will help you avoid mistakes they did their own trial and error. Remember the old adage: “fools learn from their mistakes; wise people learn from the mistakes of others”.

2. Mentors will Inspire you

With more experience and more success, a mentor is guaranteed to inspire you; they are the living proof of what is possible — not someone you read about in books, but a real individual you know. You get access to direct information about their past accomplishments, present projects, and future plans; plus, you get to hear every little detail about how they did it. Do you want to achieve similar success? Use your mentors as inspiration.

3. Mentors can help you get the Experience you lack

Trying to figure out the next step and how to get there can make you feel alone. You could start to feel like no one understands your particular struggle. Having a mentor relieves that feeling of being alone; there’s someone you can talk to who has been through what you’ve been and can not only relate and empathize, but also give you advice based on their experience. You can tap into their successes and learn from their failures.

4. Mentors can open doors for you

Because they’ve “been around” longer than you, mentors come equipped with a vast network in their industry, and sometimes beyond. If their expertise isn’t able to address a specific question, they can direct you to someone who has the answer. They can also introduce you to companies and key decision makers, opening doors you would otherwise didn’t even know about.

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We’ve heard it before: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

While a mentor won’t knock down barriers and guarantee a job for you, they can help open doors by introducing you to people in their network. Best of all, by being a mentor to you and knowing about your career goals, they won’t introduce you to just anyone — they’ll introduce you to the right people.

5. Mentors will give you Encouragement

Job searching can be exciting. It could also be frustratingly, teeth-grinding hard. Some days will leave you completely beat up and discouraged. Having a mentor is a resource for encouragement. They can remind you of what you’re pursuing and why you’re pursuing it. They know that it can be difficult sometimes, because they’ve been there. But they also know it gets better, and it’s all worth it in the end.

6. Mentors will help you Focus

You probably heard of SMART goal setting system: make your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. When it comes to job searching, a mentor offers more than just guidance; they can help you create an action plan, prioritize and stay focused. They can tell you what to focus on and what to ignore. Additionally, a mentor can provide you with  feedback on how you can effectively reach your goals using strategies that worked for them or their colleagues.

7. Mentors will help you Grow

Even long after your job search is over and your career is on an upswing, a mentor can help you cultivate your skills and support your career growth; they can open many doors, and a mentoring relationship can last a lifetime.

8. Mentors will … just help you out!

Besides all of the major benefits, collaboration with a mentor can help you with a lot of basic things, especially when you feel stuck:

  • They can give you ideas to make you think outside the box,
  • You can gain unique perspective on new markets/companies/roles,
  • They can validate your job search assumptions and career plans,
  • Mentors can help prioritize your search efforts, by telling you what really matters, and what doesn’t,
  • Sometimes they can prepare you for even the most difficult interviews, and
  • much, much more!

The benefits of having a mentor are obvious. You will gain the upper hand on the average job seekers, by absorbing your mentor’s real-life experiences in the field. You will get exclusive access to their personal tips for overcoming “hidden” challenges, answering difficult questions or determining whether graduate school is a good investment. Because they know you personally, mentors and their wealth of knowledge will be far more useful than any generic advice you find that’s not tailored to you specifically. And it’s a lot easier to find a mentor than you would think…

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