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23 Important Reasons to Network +44 Bonus Tips

By on July 3, 2015

It’s impossible to deny the importance of networking for your career, whether it’s seeking a new job, working on a promotion or bringing in more business. Fail to incorporate networking into your plan, and you plan to fail!

If you’re still not convinced, hear from among the best experts in the field.

We’ve gathered 23 authority resources that lay it all out for you, followed by 44 bonus resources to help you out with the actual networking:

23 Reasons Why Networking Is Super Important

The Underestimated Importance of Personal Networking – CareerCast
Not all of these contacts are going to be relevant to your job search, but the most important point to remember about your network is that it is larger than you think

Why Networking Is Important For Your Job Search – CareerRealism
So many people think “networking” is a dirty word. But the truth is networking is the number one way to get a job and build your career.

The Importance of Networking in a Job Search
Job search data indicates that many people have success using networking as a tool to find new employment. Read the results of our study

A Successful Job Search: It’s All About Networking
Most people still hunt for jobs primarily by looking at positions posted online. But experts say networking is the all-important phase.

The Importance of Networking
Networking, if done well, may actually lessen your job search time

Why networking is so important in a job search
Networking has always been considered one of the most important aspects of a job search. New research from N.C. State University backs that up

The Importance of Networking in Job Search – Cornell University
The Importance of Networking in Job Search by Analyzing Strong Ties/ Weak Ties. The analysis of results will surprise you!

The Importance of Networking for Job Search
Webinar recording: “Networking your way to the job: effective job search strategies”

The Importance of Networking in a Job Search
Networking often gets a bad rep. Attend almost any networking event and you’ll see why a roomful of people wanting something from someone else. But it’s not what it seems…

Is networking really useful for jobseekers? – The Guardian
In a tough jobs market, where scores of people chase vacancies, many people emphasise the importance of networking. But what do the studies tell us?

The importance of networking – Fortune
Tom Farley, NYSE President: I owe every job I’ve ever had to networking.

How important is networking for career success?
There have been several studies that show more workers find out about new jobs through their personal network than any other method.

Networking Is Still The Best Way To Find A Job, Survey Says – Forbes
Despite the explosion of online job search tools, from job boards to networking sites like LinkedIn, the conventional wisdom suggests best results are not found online.

The Importance of Job Networking Video – Study.com
Whether you’re seeking a job or looking to change careers, you should understand the importance of job networking. Watching this video will walk you through it.

The Importance of Networking in your Job search – YouTube
Paul Freiberger of Shimmering Resumes Presents: The Importance of Networking in your Job search

Job Search: Importance of Networking
The best time to network is when you’re not looking for a job or a contact.

Networking is important for making the most of your career – SF Gate
It’s no secret that networking is a very important aspect of just about any job search or career change process. Here’s a situation that shows how

The Importance of Networking – Jobs Tips
Topics covered include the important first step of assessing career goals prior to launching a job search.

Understanding The Importance of Career Networking
Remember, job networking is not a dirty word!

Essay on importance of meeting people when networking
If you are planning an academic career you need to find contacts in the Academic and Non-Academic world

Networking for a Successful Career in Academia
This not only applies to jobs in the private sector, but also to academic careers

The Importance of Networking for your Career | Sysazzle
You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. In the professional world, and especially during a job search, it is 100% correct.

The Importance of Networking – Rawls College of Business
Network connections can help in the job market is by simply making you aware of jobs before they’re officially posted, and more.

Networking Tips

7 Networking Tips for Job Seekers | Job Search
Networking events and career fairs can be great opportunities to meet key players in your industry who can potentially help you get a job.

Job Networking Tips – Helpguide.org
Your network of friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances is a valuable job search resource. Networking may sound intimidating, but it can be rewarding

6 Networking Tips for Your Job Search – US News
The biggest mistake people make in networking is focusing on what they want rather than listening to others

How to Build Your Job Search Network | Monster.com
Thoughtful networking provides a focused way to talk to people about your job search. Done right, it can help you obtain leads, referrals, advice, information and jobs

The Art of Career and Job-Search Networking | QuintCareers
This section includes a collection of the best job-search networking resources, including an assessment, articles, guides, tips, and tutorials.

4 Simple Networking Tips for Job Seekers – Recruiter.com
We all know the value of networking, especially when it comes to gaining employment. I have witnessed the power of networking in my own …

Turbo Charge Your Job Search with 12 Easy Networking Tips
Not only are jobs scarce these days, but those that do exist are highly competitive. Whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job, networking is a must

Form A Network l CareerOneStop
Did you know that more people find jobs through networking than any other way? Networking is your most important job search strategy. Learn how to set it up …

Networking to Enhance Your Job Search | Riley Guide
If you’re searching for a job, one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll receive is, “Network, network, network!”

How to Use Networking to Find a Job – Job Searching
How to use job search networking to find employment opportunities, plus sample networking letters. Tips and Advice for Networking When You’re Job Hunting.

Effective Job Search Networking – Job-Hunt.org
Tips on how to be more effective in your job search networking.

Professional Networking Tips For Job Search
Know some good networking skills you should cultivate if you are looking for job search, the most effective ways of securing a job.

37 Ways to Meet People Who Can Refer You to Jobs | JobMob
How to start growing your job search network today. The best job search networking tips you can use right now.

2015 Strategies & Networking Tips for Job Seekers
Looking for career opportunities? Check out the top job search strategies and networking tips for 2015.

Career Hub: 21 Networking Tips For Job Seekers
21 Networking Tips For Job Seekers you can start applying right away.

Job Search Networking When You Know No One
LinkedIn and other social networks have made job search networking a lot easier than it used to be. Pick up some LinkedIn networking advice to help you …

9 Essential Networking Tips For Your Job Search
The benefits of ongoing networking throughout your career cannot be underestimated. For professionals who unexpectedly find themselves on the job market, it an be a life-saver

7 Networking Tips Job Seekers Should Know
With some simple networking tips, you can make the job search a bit easier on yourself .

6 Job Networking Tips for New Grads
Job networking events are often intimidating for college students and graduates. But they don’t have to be!

7 Networking Tips for Job Seekers | TopResume
Whether you’re a shy or bold job seeker, there are many ways to network!

5 Simple Networking Tips for Job Seekers – Resume Help
Many people underestimate the importance of networking when looking for a job. However, making personal connections is one of the best ways to get hired

8 Networking Tips For Job Seekers – Modern Man
Whether you’re unemployed or would rather play in traffic than go to your current job, use these effective networking tips to help lead you to a new job

Networking: A Consumer Guide to an Effective Job Search
Tips for maintaining energy and progressing in your job search and networking

Networking Tips For Job Seekers – Stafco
The idea for this article comes from a recent question from a job seeker who asked, “Why is it easier to cold call strangers to find a job than it is to network with friends?”

5 Steps to Effective Alumni Networking in a Job Search
Alumni can be some of your most valuable job search networking contacts, but only if you follow these 5 steps

Networking Advice | CAREEREALISM
Here are five tips to help you overcome your fear of networking and understand why networking is a job search priority for you

Networking Tips for Jobseekers – Inside Job – Totaljobs
Need some networking tips? Stuart Russell, founder of findnetworkingevents.com explains what to do before, during and after a networking event.

Networking Tips – University of Denver
Learn how to network with these tips and stats from DU Career Services. … if you aren’t building your network, you may be hindering your job search.

Job Hunting – Networking Tips – MonkeySee
Career expert Brian Alden addresses key tips on networking

It’s Who You Know: Networking for Jobseekers
Networking is a strategic component of any job search.

Networking, how to network, networking tips
Outlined below are several common networking mistakes and tips to avoid them

19 Tips That Will Make You a Networking Master – The Muse
So, we’ve put all our best networking tips in one easy place.

Networking 101: A How-To Guide for Jobseekers
Mark Pearce discusses the benefits of networking and tips on how to get the most out of it

Networking Tips for Job Seekers – StaffMasters
Posts Tagged: Networking Tips for Job Seekers Concord. Top Networking Strategies. Posted February 26, 2015 … Categories: Job Seeker Tips …

Networking Tips – FlexJobs
Networking is one of the best tools to use in a job search. If you are switching careers, here are some tips on networking your way through

How to Appropriately Use Your Network During Your Job Search
Don’t underestimate the power of using your network in your job search.  Tips on properly utilizing your contacts

4 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking
Even if you really hate networking, it’s still necessary. There’s still no “perfect” way to network and who you know during your job search is really important

Networking Tips for Job Seekers | CareerBum
Networking is a vital part of the job searching process. In many ways, finding a job is more about who you know and not what you know.

ECP: NGSD – 7 Networking Tips for Job Seekers
College students, career changers and other newcomers to their chosen field can and should use networking events and job fairs to meet key decision-makers

4 Easy Networking Tips for Your Job Search
For a great job search and continuing career opportunities, you need to build and maintain a good network–but many people don’t know how to do this well.

Networking Tips for Job Seekers | Philanthropy New York
As you build your professional network, you will increase your knowledge of the sector and raise your visibility

Top 10 Networking Tips | Certified Career Coaches
Successful executive networking begins with careful preparation: plan, prepare, gather, …

24 Job Search Networking Tips to Find Un-Advertised Jobs
These 25 job search networking tips and resources will help you find the best ads, access the hidden labor market and find leads that most other people will not know about.

Blend In Or Stand Out? – Job Search Networking Tips – Ivy Exec
One of the best ways to stand out in job search networking is to be the only one in the room like you. Why not crash an event in another industry?

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