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If You Remember Only One Thing About Negotiating, Remember This

By on July 6, 2015

Negotiations can seem like a complicated affair, especially when facing a seemingly much more experienced adversary. It could be intimidating having to negotiate things like starting salary after going through the labours of the job searching process, multiple rounds of interviews, when the finish line seems so close. Like an exhausted marathoner who just gave it all to reach the finish line, the temptation is to just agree to everything to get that job offer.

That’s exactly what the hiring managers are hoping for. So don’t be intimidated and take them by surprise – remember the Six Principles of Negotiating, and come in like a skilled negotiator. However, even if all of a sudden, you forget everything you know about negotiating, just keep calm and remember one thing:


That’s right, the rule is to never say “yes”. Sounds impossible? Not at all – instead, you must simply say “yes, provided that …” and name your “ask”.

If you really want to master this, you should come prepared, by making two lists, ranked by order to importance:

  • List of things that matter to you; for example, salary/bonus/vacation/etc
  • List of things that matter to “them” (if you can, if not, you’ll have to guess)

Armed with this list, you can “trade” these things, ideally trading in something of less value for you for something of more value, or in worst case scenario, at least you get something back.

This works, because typically, the hiring manager will have constraints on a couple of things, like the budget for a salary, but they will most likely have some flexibility on other things. So, for example, you can agree to a slightly lower salary, “provided that” they give you more vacation. Or a bigger bonus. Or work from home for two days a week. And vice versa, if money is all you care about, you can sacrifice vacation or some other perks.

Remember this simple principle, and you will always leave the negotiating table with the upper hand. Never leave home without this!

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