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One job search mistake You’re probably making right now, that all employers hate with a passion!

By on June 25, 2015

Have you ever went to an interview, and left with a feeling that everything has gone over smoothly, only to find out several days later that they’ve given the job to someone else? Surely you were just as qualified for the position, as those others, if not better than them… so what went wrong?

I know this feeling, because it happened to me many times over. So I started to follow up with the employers weeks later, to find out what happened, and more often than not, in fact, overwhelmingly too often, their answer was: “It came down to really little, subtle things: you seemed not 100% exactly sure that this is the specific job you really wanted, just not “hungry” enough

So, all employers hate to see this. But how do you make sure that you look “hungry” and 100% sure you want this job? After all, you don’t know 100% what to expect? Turns out, the answer is elegantly simple: you can find out exactly what to expect by using an age-old principle of Mentoring. By having a Mentor in your target industry, or better yet, directly at your target company, you will gain exclusive access to the necessary information to make up your mind 100%. Not only that, but a Mentor can also serve another powerful purpose: providing a Referral. And studies have shown, that as much as 80% of today’s jobs might come from Referrals. So, just getting a Mentor will make your chances of getting hired simply skyrocket – guaranteed!

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