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How NOT to find a job

By on June 29, 2015

One thing that is absolutely mind-blowing is hearing someone saying, “I did everything I’m supposed to, and I just can’t find a job. I sent out hundreds of résumés in the last month, and not one response!”

Well, the answer to this problem is simple: stop sending out résumés en masse then! Obviously, with response rates this low, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s the deal: we do what we know, but we don’t always know the truth!

Now, this person who sent out a hundred of résumés with zero response: if you’re sending out your 101st résumé, is that really going to make a difference, or is there perhaps a flaw somewhere in your process? Let’s troubleshoot some of the possible root causes:

  • Your résumé is poorly written
  • Your cover letter is not up to par,
  • You’re applying to the wrong companies and/or positions
  • Someone else is getting the job, like internal candidates or referrals by recommendation

Changing at least one, or all of these things could dramatically improve this person’s application process. But instead, they keep doing what they’re doing.

Sometimes small changes can have a huge effect on the rest of our lives. The same thing is true in career search. This person who sent out a hundred résumés probably has no idea that they’re simply playing the entirely wrong game. They think, if I just try harder, if I just send another hundred résumés, I’ll make it. And of course that almost never works.

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Many of us, when we start our job search, the first thing we do is we create one version of our résumé with our accomplishments, and then we just start sending them out. And then we wait. Well, where are the job offers? I don’t know… Because it doesn’t work! Especially in a competitive economy where everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Why would you expect to get chosen? Yet most people continue operating this way, because it’s easy and it’s doing what they already know.

So what should YOU do then? The answer is simple: you just need to educate yourself about job searching, slightly above an average person’s knowledge. Armed with this superior knowledge, you can also do what’s easy (for you) and what you already know (but not what most people know) – and win!

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