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Feeling Stuck and Going Nowhere after a few years in the industry? One simple Trick to break free and stop being “Pigeonholed” in your current Job

By on June 25, 2015

A friend of mine has recently posted this on Facebook:

I keep getting rejected, because all of my stuff in resume says one thing, job requirements saying another thing and no one can draw a damn “bridge” between the two, which are actually the same thing!

Majority of times you are scanned by computers looking for the “key” words corresponding to job anyway. Can u effing picture that? You, human being, with experience, life story, tons of feelings, getting your chances chosen by a machine! We don’t need machines to take over the world and destroy it, like in Terminator, its already here and happening. And even if u pass through machines, chances are ur resume is being read second time by an emotionless clerk who has as much feelings as that machine, if not less.


This strikes a chord with me, because I’ve been in the same situation. After a few years in the industry, I was “Pigeonholed” in my current Job, because when I applied to better jobs, the employers could not “draw a bridge” and see how my experience could be applied in a better job. I was feeling stuck and going nowhere.

However, I got lucky! I’ve found a Mentor, who laid down this one simple trick: for most employers, it’s tough to “draw that bridge” because they look for specialized expertise. So, all I had to do, is “draw the bridge” myself, and describe my experiences in ways that simply highlight skills that are relevant to that expertise that the employer wants. Not only did My Mentor give me this invaluable piece of advice, but we actually did this exercise together, all in less than 20 minutes over a coffee!

Without having a Mentor I would have simply been unable to “draw that bridge” myself. Not only that, but a Mentor can also serve another powerful purpose: providing a Referral. And studies have shown, that as much as 80% of today’s jobs might come from Referrals. So, just getting a Mentor will make your chances of getting hired simply skyrocket – guaranteed!

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