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Employers will almost certainly ignore your application – unless it has this!

By on June 25, 2015
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Have you ever sent a job application and received cookie-cutter responses which looked something like this?


“Dear Applicant,

Thank you for expressing your interest in the position #84693. After careful review and consideration, in the context of our current needs and requirements, we have decided to continue employment discussions with other candidates.”


I know I have! After all, I was doing exactly the same thing hundreds of thousands of other candidates were doing every day: simply applying to jobs online. It wasn’t until after several anxiety attacks that I felt that something different had to be done. But what? Armed with Google search results, I’ve suddenly stumbled on one peculiar statistic that turned everything around.


According to a report from ABC News, as much as 80% of today’s jobs are NOT landed through standard job applications! In fact, researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and MIT have recently published a paper, where only 23.5% of hires came from a job board. Same study concluded, that regular applicants, could be less than twice as likely to be interviewed and about 40% less likely to receive an offer, than some other types of applicants.


So who are those other types of “lucky applicants”? Where do the majority of successful hires come from? Turns out, it’s from Referrals. So, the best chance for your application not to be ignored by the employer – guaranteed – is having a Referral, or simply knowing someone at the company!

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