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50 “Ironmans” in 50 Days: 5 Takeaways for Job Seekers

By on August 6, 2015

An Ironman triathlon is made up of three events: first, you swim 2.4 miles, then you bike for  112 miles and to top it all off, you run a full 26.2-mile marathon. The cutoff time for this race is 17 hours, and competitive triathletes can usually do it in 8 hours or so.

Quite a lot of people don’t finish: they either give up, or fall victims to cold, heat, wind, dehydration and all kinds of other problems that can arise at any point in this ultra-endurance event. What’s even more significant, is that a lot more people (up to 25%) don’t even show up for the race!

Completing even one Ironman is a great accomplishment. but there’s a man, who completed the seemingly impossible: 50 of these races in 50 consecutive days. His name is James Lawrence, nicknamed “The Iron Cowboy”, and in 2015 he set his sights on completing the 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 days,in order to raise $1 million to fight the obesity crisis in the US, and “to inspire the nation to join“.

This is not the first time James has pushed himself to the max. He has also earned two world records: for doing 22 half-Ironman “70.3” races in 30 weeks and 30 full Ironman races in one year. Not only he’s an athlete, he’s also a husband and a proud father of four daughters and a son.

What can these record achievements by this remarkable man teach to job seekers? Here are five things that can be applied in your job search:


1. You Can Achieve the Impossible

“When I tell someone what I am doing the first thing they say is, “That’s impossible,
you can’t do that”. (Images Via Facebook/ Iron Cowboy)

James wrote on his website: “When I tell someone what I am doing the first thing they say is, “That’s impossible, you can’t do that“. He has proven them wrong – not once, but three times! If he could do it, you can also accomplish your wildest career dreams, no matter how hard or unattainable they seem. Push your limits to the extreme and you will be amazed what kind of results you can get.

2. Focus On The Goal

“he focused solely on the triathlon discipline” (Images Via Facebook/ Iron Cowboy)

The Iron Cowboy chose his battles wisely: he focused solely on the triathlon discipline, and didn’t also try to beat the world records in auto racing, chess and gymnastics. If he was to try that, he’d most likely not get very far in either of these sports. Similarly, you must get ultra-specific with your career goals and pursue them with laser-targeted focus. Victory will be your reward.

3. You Must Invest Time and Effort (Smartly!)

“This means long hours on the bike, in the pool and on running track” (Images Via Facebook/ Iron Cowboy)

Mr. Lawrence did not get his success overnight. He trained long and hard to accomplish his vision. This means long hours on the bike, in the pool and on running track. But there are only so many hours in a day, so he surely had to concentrate on proven, tested methods and systems, that work, in order to use his precious time most effectively and to minimize the toll on his body from all this training. For example, did you now that, contrary to popular belief, most elite marathon runners don’t prepare for the marathon by only running long distances, unlike the amateur runners? Instead, they combine a measured amount of running with conditioning and strength routines, plus “wind sprints”.

Similarly, for job seekers, this means you should also use your time wisely, and concentrate only on those activities that will maximize your chances of success. Avoid the “popular belief” amateur methods (such as submitting your generic resume to every job board you can find) and start using smart, elite “hacks” and systems that put you ahead of the competition and deliver results.

4. You Can’t Do It Alone

“James wasn’t alone in his quest to achieve three world records.” (Images Via Facebook/ Iron Cowboy)

James wasn’t alone in his quest to achieve three world records. He says special thanks to several dozens of people on his website, including his family, his friends, sponsors, coaches and mentors. You must enlist the support of others in your job search, too, if you want to succeed. Your family and friends will be very important for support, but you will also find the advice and help from “coaches” and mentors invaluable.

5. Never Give Up

mind and body actually got stronger as he progressed through“. (Images Via Facebook/ Iron Cowboy)

Can you imagine how many times your body screams “Stop! Quit!” during the grueling Ironman? But James learned to mute these signals of weakness, and he felt his “mind and body actually got stronger as he progressed through“. Just as The Iron Cowboy was forged by never giving up on his dreams, you will forge your new success by never giving up, no matter how hard your job search might seem. Just plow through the obstacles, because later, when you’re the champion, you will look back at them and laugh!


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Many athletes attempt the Ironman race and fail because they aren’t prepared, don’t have a good team, don’t believe in themselves, or simply give up. Even more bail out without even trying. Those that succeed, have vision, have focus, have a great team, train smart and have a mindset of a winner. Adopt this mindset in your job search, learn to job hunt in a smart way, get a crack support team, and you will win!

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