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What To Do If You Are “Underqualified”

By on July 8, 2015

A lot of people assume that their failure to get job offers is due to being under-qualified, or simply not having enough experience and skills. As a result, they think that the only way to become more marketable is to get more experience, education and skills.

However, this is not always true; otherwise, how do other people get the jobs despite not seemingly have those skills and experience? Yes, skills, education and experience are important, but the job search approach is equally important, and sometimes even more so.

The “secret” of these “other people” is simple: unlike most candidates, they are looking for jobs in all the right places, and they are talking to the right people in the right manner.

Most candidates tend to do the following: update the resume, look online for job postings, submit the resume to every posting they find, then wait. Most of the time, they hear nothing back, or quickly find out that the job is filled by someone else. Usually, there is no detailed feedback, so they don’t really know what’s wrong: is it their resume, were there preferred candidates, did someone agree to work for less? They keep doing this for a while blindly, or give up altogether and wait for “better times”.

Then, on the subconscious level, after facing so much rejection or silence, these people begin giving up. Worse, they start to place less value on themselves and start applying to even more inferior jobs, hoping to get “just anything”. They begin feeling there’s no options left for them, and nothing is working.

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These people’s main problem is that they are using the wrong approach, and the other problem is that they spend too much time focusing on the things that do not add much value to their job search. They spend a lot of time tinkering with their resumes. They take too much time browsing job sites and responding to tons of ads. What they don’t realize, that the jobs that are posted, are always high-competition and the best jobs usually aren’t even advertised. They also don’t realize that resumes are a staple tool, but there are other, more powerful tools for showcasing themselves to employers. But most importantly, these things are not proactive – they are reactive (wait for someone to post a job, wait for them to respond to the application, etc), and everyone else is doing the same thing without differentiation.

Why do people insist on doing this over and over then? Simply, they don’t know any better, because they haven’t taken the time and effort to educate themselves on the subject. Instead they just do what everyone else is doing (herd mentality).They have no strategies and systems and therefore just rely on “luck”.

How to break free from the herd? Once again, it simply means looking in all the right places, and talking to the right people in the right manner. You need to know:

  • exactly the type of job you want, and its requirements, and how you can fit in
  • which companies have these types of jobs
  • which people can help you “get in”, and how to demonstrate you’re worthy of their help
  • how to make you the best candidate for these jobs

Once you figure these things out, which is actually easier than it looks (if you follow the right systems and processes), you will be better equipped to snatch any job you want than the majority of candidates out there.



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