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Stop Talking About Yourself

By on July 8, 2015

When you ask people what kind of job they want to be doing, they always answer the same way: “Well, I’m interested in this and that…”

People love to start by saying “I am interested in”. Well, the sad truth is, that the hiring mangers don’t care what you’re interested in. Instead, they always think: “What can you do? What’s in it for me?” And yet candidates are still so focused on themselves: “that’s what I want, this is what I need”

In an interview situation this could surface in the form of the ubiquitous question: “why do you want to work here?” The classic rookie mistake is to go on saying: “I want to do this and I’m interested in that”

A better answer would be to talk about the main challenges that they’re looking at. (Knowing these from the research you’ve done about this company and this person prior to the interview). Showcase, how your experience can actually improve and solve these challenges, and provide examples how in fact the companies you’ve worked with previously have improved their KPIs with your help.

You could say something like: “Based on what we’ve discussed, and based on what I’ve learned about your company during my research, it seems these are your main challenges. My experience has been in solving similar challenges with my previous companies, and I think that I could help you improve these KPIs by X percent in the first six months, which is on average what I have been able to achieve before.”

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Wham! You just got that job offer and a signing bonus. Why is that? Because, this is the opposite of talking just about yourself and your needs. Because you understand that nobody really cares about your experience, they only care about how it helps them.

If you find yourself saying “I need this, I want this” — stop. This is a behavior that you must cease immediately. Become focused on stopping talking about yourself and how you want to make money, and instead talk about what other people want. In other words, serve your client, and that’s the kind of behaviour that helps you get that next job!

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